Our think-tank twitter account was suppressed
without warning on 2019 june 13.
all 15000 tweets done in 10 years were erased.
All followers were removed and reset to zero.

[deboosting, shadowbanning etc.]

Given the Political Censorship in place, from then on our policy on twitter is
to block all followers to prevent tweets get deleted and reset as followers number passes 1000.
Just a few questions will be answered on twitter without quoting the nickname of the person who posed them.
Note: Autoscalp Think-Tank does not use twitter as its chat or channel.



A Measure of Influence suggested by a Head Hunting Company (not named for NDA reasons)
is Retweetrank, which tracks the percentile of influence in the twitterverse. (highest percentage the better).




16 August 2015: if you do a Google image search for HFT sniffer
the first result is our autoscalp sniffer model snapshot:

Google image search for HFT sniffer


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At Autoscalp we are NOT using linkedin or facebook as is expressely required by partners (is part of the NDA).

Anyway, our P.R. did an outstanding job in 2016 positioning her personal profile among the Top 10 UHNWI Relationship Manager on Linkedin. 


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After some t.v. interviews , a few t.v. commentators have put our twitter among their official sources.
Which is mostly a point of pride for Autoscalp, rather than a true media channel but definitely worth mentioning.

most influencial high frequency trading

After a famous australian journalist quoted our Expertise page live on a financial tv show our alternative pricing model got a bit more popular as a few of high profile people started speaking more precisely about dark pools in general and alternative pricing models in particular.
If interested to know how dark pool pricing model works, can look at chapter 10 of Market Microstructure.



Money Morning:

 As stated in a phone interview with an independent journalist,
we openly agree with Money Morning on the following subject:


Liberty Street Economics


( Blog belonging to the Federal Reserve of New York )


Published our comment at the end of their extract :






Technology Review Magazine


Italian version - January 2012 - Shafar 1433.

Their editorial extract in page 2-3 quotes our work as an interesting business model.


[Arab translation of that extract is available on request ]

page 2-3.-Editorial extract
CIO NOTICE: Statement of this and other extracts claiming Autoscalp was sold
or otherwise alienated toward whatsoever Fund or third party were unfounded.

Part of that editorial was aired on Bloomberg Risk Takers




Al Jazeera

Aside of an interview (not aired) We suggested a producer to do a pilot of special
We called "The Art Of Reinventing Markets"  he looked enthusiast so We developed the concept.
it consist about  about listing all possible market types excluding the bank-centric one,
to show the public there are alternatives to the 120 years banking undisputed domination
through  the compound interest / fractional reserve grip on markets and people.
We are convinced there are other possible economies outside the banking world.
Although those alternatives are not often pursued... because of banking interests.

al jazeera


"The art of reinventing markets" in detail:

Composed by a rotation of round tables of expert panels , creative economists (not banking ones) and entrepreneurs, talking about their ideas which could revolutionize today's markets either in shapes and structures and even the way to look at markets.

How about applying the Tenth man rule and rejecting the banking paradigm by default  and explore all alternatives instead?
There are many alternatives, just ignored by academics (banks pay their bills so is normal they don't go into that)
But in the Western World, what you call economy, in reality is bank-centered economy. Is not the only possible economy.
As Bank centered economy reached its decadence era , is obsolete and is 120 years old... what next?

Some proposed questions to be answered in the round table could be:

How about creating localized dark pools / localized hubs / decentralized small markets in the hands of AI rather than banks?

Wouldn't that be a game changer since after the Flash Crash Quants are being replaced by AI on a growing basis?

What if banks get too slow to compete ? What will happen to prices, to value to the market itself ?

Would the western banking system survive its own obsolescence ?

Given is 120 years has been draining markets, could banks survive without controlling the markets ?

Would the central banking system survive such shock  ?

Could that end in a world base currency shift?  Isn't that already happening today, maybe unseen ?

Which western economic environments could adapt , which ones might succumb ?

Will AI driven high frequency trading have a social value of absolute importance in helping stabilize commodity prices?

What if HFT is taken outside the bank hands, would it still be a "merely speculative tool to run wild attacks on market?

Our opening line would be:  maybe is time to stop blaming the tools and start criticizing the old model beneath it.



How to arrange live interviews etc.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please be aware Autoscalp Staff will reject any proposal resembling the following statement:
<<  if promote this bank / broker / politician you will be aired for free >>.
Autoscalp is also not interested to take part in pseudo-interviews,
such as infomercials or biased pre-arranged interviews:
As a Think-tank : We have our ideas We like to speak our minds instead.