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The Art Of Reinventing Markets [ format ]


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We suggested Al Jazeera to produce a specific format named:


the art of reinventing markets:


Composed by a round table of interviews with creative economists about their ideas which could revolutionize today's markets either in shapes and structures. In our case we'll discuss about how creating localized dark pools and localized hubs for splitting oil deals into baskets of multiple local currencies and gold using fast trading models would either decentralize markets and insure against structural market risks which western economic environments are experiencing these days. Whenever such scenario is to occur , will allow high frequency trading to have a social value of absolute importance: helping stabilize commodity prices rather than being viewed as a merely speculative tool for running wild attacks on markets.





After a famous australian journalist quoted our Expertise page live on a financial tv show our dark pool pricing model got a bit more popular a few of high profile people started speaking more precisely about dark pool pricing and how it works. If interested to know how dark pool pricing model works, can look at chapter 10 of Market Microstructure.




Technology Review Magazine


Italian version - January 2012 - Shafar 1433.

Their editorial extract in page 2-3 quotes our work as an interesting business model.


[Arab translation of that extract is available on request ]

page 2-3.-Editorial extract

CIO NOTICE: Statement of this and other extracts claiming Autoscalp was sold
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Liberty Street Economics


( Blog belonging to the Federal Reserve of New York )


Published our comment at the end of their extract :







Money Morning:


As stated in a phone interview with an independent journalist,
we openly agree with Money Morning on the following subject:








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