Peer to Peer Networks:

Requested keys: 885. List is updated every two months. Last updated on 2019/07/15

Detailed list of area exclusives is shown at bottom left of Site Guide column.

Detailed City list with users per city  is [restricted] information starting from 2013/11.

Detailed City list of Autoscalp nodes is [restricted]  information since 2019/07/01.

Our network structure is : serverless, distributed, delocalized and uses several anonymous P2P carriers.
Network purpose: algo creation, development tracking and testing.
Network constrains are: compartimentalized Information Access (need to know basis) for each node level.
Node types and network hierarchy: flexible, re-aggregated on purpose.

211 Cities

Example: a strictly anonymous serverless decentralized node based  JWT based platform can be used
to distribute our feed among peers (one way only downward from the originating algo source).

After a Partnership request is accepted, Network roles is defined and relative information access is granted.
Feed is activated on a waiting list
whose specs are:
2 months wait for new partners and 3 months for rejoiners to disincentivate opportunistic behaviors.

Role  Tasks:
Expert Panel Decides priorities on Algo development.
Manages the Algo generators.
Organize think-tank sessions.
Partner Havs access to [restricted] information.
Can suggest algo modifications.
Can ask exclusive for his city where available.
Receives the algo feed.
Member Can view the algo feed after NDA is signed.


Partnership Requests


Autoscalp network truly resembles a fountain of ideas as the expert panel
main task is to evaluate address and filter ideas coming from the the peer to peer networks, either being them algos,
views or just mere intuitions,  so that Research and development team can stay focused on core issues.
Quoting our Founder Matteo Gandola: "alpha is where know-how lives".

Keeping network topology dynamically adaptable to new ideas helps avoiding bottlenecks and ensures
a continuous stream of ideas taking steam from each autonomous spark.

Since Autoscalp is a proprietary self-sustaining venture, Algo R&D and Think-Tank are done in-house,
while most routine activities have been outsourced to third parties in different locations.

Autoscalp p2p networks are NOT accessible from this website.


Business to Business Network

Special network agreements can be arranged on [restricted]
Business to Business service exchange platform.

Location Type of service
Worldwide Updated Companies Blacklists 50 algo signals
Africa Specific Market Research 100 algo signals
BRICS Specific Market Research 100 algo signals
EMEA Specific Market Research 100 algo signals
Four tigers Specific Market Research 100 algo signals
GCC Specific Market Research 100 algo signals
NEXT11 Specific Market Research 100 algo signals
Worldwide Tier 3 data center, 42 Rack Units 250 algo signals
UAE Business intelligence Survey 250 algo signals
UAE Business Counter-intelligence Insights 250 algo signals
UAE Participation in another Think-tank 250 algo signals
UAE Distributed Network Management 250 algo signals
[restricted] [restricted] 250 algo signals
Worldwide Access to Venture Capital Database 500 algo signals
Worldwide Access to Hedge Funds Database 500 algo signals
Worldwide Access to Asset Managers Database 500 algo signals
Worldwide JWT Encryption Access 1 Autoscalp License
Worldwide JWT Distribution Access 1 Autoscalp License
Worldwide Tier 4 colocation, 40 cabinets cage 1 Autoscalp License
[restricted] Algo documentation and I.P. Protection 1 Autoscalp License
[restricted] Access to third party A.I. Engine 2 Autoscalp Licenses
[restricted] Access to low latency network 2 Autoscalp Licenses
[restricted] Access to ultra low latency network 3 Autoscalp Licenses
[restricted] [restricted] 4 Autoscalp Licenses



Accessible to Partners only:

HH , HRM and Recruiting outsourced to: [restricted]
Network management outsourced to: [restricted]
Royalty management outsourced to: [restricted]
I.P. management and I.P. insurance outsourced to: [restricted]
Marketing and P.R. outsourced to: [restricted]
Institutional P.R. and diplomatic relations outsourced to: [restricted]
[restricted] [restricted]
Legal guidance and supervision outsourced to: [restricted]

Starting from november 2013, R&D network members and topology are undisclosed to cope with Autoscalp tightened intellectual property protection protocol and subsequent information control restrictions.

[Restricted] means information is available to partners only, under NDA and NCA agreements..