Autoscalp Viewers

Our network structure is : distributed, delocalized, serverless, using several P2P carriers.

Compartimentalized Information Access (need to know basis) , node types and network hierarchy:

Can decide priorities on Algo development, manage the Algo generators and suggest think-tank discussions.
Associates Think-Tank members , can also suggest algo modifications.
Partners Can view algos, track models , have access to [restricted] information.
Requests Waiting approval of their application (Rejected ones are not shown).

All memberships requests are subjected to both NDA and NCA agreements.

Feed activation mandatory waiting period (queue) :

3 months for New prospective partners.
2 months for rejoners / former partners.
0 months for previous associates.

Node Requests Geolocation
[ Updated monthly. Data shows network geogrraphic distribution, not concentration (One per city).

Country City ( Node ) Algo Engine Version Node type:
AR Buenos Aires 7 [restricted]
AR Santa Fe 11 [restricted]
AU Banksmeadow 9 [restricted]
AU Burleigh Heads 9 [restricted]
AU Gold Coast 6 [restricted]
AU Kurnell 10 [restricted]
AU Kwinana 10 [restricted]
AU Lytton 8 [restricted]
AU North Fremantle 10 [restricted]
AU Perth 9 [restricted]
AU Pinkenba 10 [restricted]
AU Sans Souci 8 [restricted]
AU Solomontown 9 [restricted]
AU Southport 10 [restricted]
AU Sydney 11 [restricted]
AZ Baku 9 [restricted]
BG Plovdiv 8 [restricted]
BG Pomorie 7 [restricted]
BG Port Bourgas 7 [restricted]
BG Varna 10 [restricted]
BH Ar Rifa 6 [restricted]
BH Manama 10 [restricted]
BN Bandar Seri Begawan 7 [restricted]
BN Kuala Belait 6 [restricted]
BN Seria 11 [restricted]
BR Brasilia 9 [restricted]
BR Curitiba 6 [restricted]
BR Guaiba Island 9 [restricted]
BR Guamare 7 [restricted]
BR Juiz De Fora 11 [restricted]
BR Rio Branco 8 [restricted]
BR São José Dos Pinhais 7 [restricted]
BR São Paulo 8 [restricted]
BR São Sebastião 10 [restricted]
BR Vitória 9 [restricted]
BY Brest 10 [restricted]
BY Hrodna 11 [restricted]
BY Minsk 11 [restricted]
CN Beijin 8 [restricted]
CN Busan 10 [restricted]
CN Changsha 7 [restricted]
CN Chongqing 7 [restricted]
CN Dalian 10 [restricted]
CN Dongguan 8 [restricted]
CN Fuzhou 11 [restricted]
CN Guangzhou 7 [restricted]
CN Hangzhou 9 [restricted]
CN Hefei 9 [restricted]
CN Hong Kong 9 [restricted]
CN Huoerguosi 8 [restricted]
CN Jinan 7 [restricted]
CN Kwun Tong 8 [restricted]
CN Lujiazui 11 [restricted]
CN Nanjing 11 [restricted]
CN Ningbo 11 [restricted]
CN Pudong 8 [restricted]
CN Shanghai 7 [restricted]
CN Shenzhen 9 [restricted]
CN Shijiazhuang 7 [restricted]
CN Taiyuan 10 [restricted]
CN Tianjin 6 [restricted]
CN Wanchai 10 [restricted]
CN Wuhan 10 [restricted]
CN Xian 7 [restricted]
CN Zhejiang 9 [restricted]
CN Zhengzhou 10 [restricted]
CO Barraquilla 7 [restricted]
CO Bogota 11 [restricted]
CO Medellín 9 [restricted]
CO Santiago de Cali 7 [restricted]
CZ Brno 9 [restricted]
CZ Horní Počernice 8 [restricted]
CZ Prague 11 [restricted]
CZ Ostrava 8 [restricted]
DK Hellerup 7 [restricted]
DK København 8 [restricted]
Ec Guayaquil 6 [restricted]
Ec Quito 7 [restricted]
Eg Cairo 8 [restricted]
EU S Basauri 9 [restricted]
EU S Bilbao 7 [restricted]
FR Aix-en-Provence 10 [restricted]
FR Cap-d'Ail 7 [restricted]
FR Courbevoie 10 [restricted]
FR Lyon 10 [restricted]
FR Marseille 6 [restricted]
FR Montmagny 8 [restricted]
FR Nice 7 [restricted]
FR Paris 9 [restricted]
FR Roubaix 8 [restricted]
FR Toulouse 8 [restricted]
GT Guatemala City 8 [restricted]
GT Piedras Negras 11 [restricted]
GT San Jose Pinula 6 [restricted]
HU Budapest 11 [restricted]
HU Miskolc 7 [restricted]
ID Denpasar 9 [restricted]
ID North Jakarta 9 [restricted]
ID Karimun 8 [restricted]
ID Malang 8 [restricted]
ID Semarang 10 [restricted]
ID Surabaya 9 [restricted]
IN Bangalore 11 [restricted]
IN Chennai 10 [restricted]
IN Coimbatore 8 [restricted]
IN Hyderabad 9 [restricted]
IN Jaipur 9 [restricted]
IN Jakarta 10 [restricted]
IN Jalandhar 10 [restricted]
IN Kandla 10 [restricted]
IN Malang 10 [restricted]
IN Mumbai 7 [restricted]
IN New Delhi 11 [restricted]
IN Pitampura 10 [restricted]
IN Vasco 6 [restricted]
IQ Al 'amarah 8 [restricted]
IQ AN Najaf 7 [restricted]
IQ Tikrit 9 [restricted]
IQ Wasit 11 [restricted]
JP Chiyoda 8 [restricted]
JP Kishiwada 9 [restricted]
JP Kobe 9 [restricted]
JP Nihonbashi 7 [restricted]
JP Otemachi 10 [restricted]
JP Shinagawa 7 [restricted]
JP Tokyo 7 [restricted]
KW Ḩawallī 6 [restricted]
KW Mina Al Abdullah 8 [restricted]
KW Mina Al Ahmadi 11 [restricted]
KW Mina Al Shuaiba 8 [restricted]
KW Shuaiba 8 [restricted]
KW Shuwaikh 7 [restricted]
KZ Atyrau 9 [restricted]
LT Riga 9 [restricted]
MA Meknes 6 [restricted]
MA L Kirteh 9 [restricted]
MA L Kota Kinabalu 8 [restricted]
MA L Kuala Lumpur 7 [restricted]
MA L Labuan 7 [restricted]
MA L Puchong 9 [restricted]
MA L Sebarang Perai 6 [restricted]
MA L Seremban 7 [restricted]
MA L Subang Jaya 8 [restricted]
ME Nikšić 7 [restricted]
ME Podgorica 10 [restricted]
MK Bitola 9 [restricted]
MK Skopje 8 [restricted]
MK Tetovo 9 [restricted]
MN Ulaanbaatar 8 [restricted]
MO Macau 11 [restricted]
NP Katmandu 11 [restricted]
NZ Mt.Maunganui 8 [restricted]
NZ Wiri 11 [restricted]
OM Muscat 10 [restricted]
OM Ras Markaz 9 [restricted]
OM salalah 7 [restricted]
PA Panama City 7 [restricted]
PK Karachi 7 [restricted]
PK Lahore 10 [restricted]
PK Port Qasim 10 [restricted]
PL Gdansk 9 [restricted]
PL Starachowice 8 [restricted]
PL Warsaw 7 [restricted]
PL Wroclaw 11 [restricted]
PR Bayamón 10 [restricted]
PR Ponce 8 [restricted]
PR San Juan 8 [restricted]
PY Asuncion 7 [restricted]
QA Al Dhakira 9 [restricted]
QA Doha 8 [restricted]
QA Halul 10 [restricted]
QA Ras Laffan 7 [restricted]
RM Timisoara 10 [restricted]
RS Belgrade 7 [restricted]
RS Novi Sad 6 [restricted]
RU Khanty-Mansiysk 6 [restricted]
RU Kirov 9 [restricted]
RU Moscow 10 [restricted]
RU Novosibirsk 11 [restricted]
RU Primorsk 10 [restricted]
RU Pushkino 10 [restricted]
RU Saint Petersburg 8 [restricted]
RU Sergiyev Posad 11 [restricted]
RU Tula 8 [restricted]
RU Vladivostock 10 [restricted]
RU Voronezh 9 [restricted]
RU Vyborg 11 [restricted]
RU Vysotsk 11 [restricted]
SA Ad Dammam 10 [restricted]
SA Jeddah 7 [restricted]
SA Ras Tanura 10 [restricted]
SA Riyadh 10 [restricted]
SA Yanbu 9 [restricted]
SC Beau Vallon Bay 10 [restricted]
SC Mahe 10 [restricted]
SC Victoria 8 [restricted]
SE Lund 7 [restricted]
SE Malmö 10 [restricted]
SG Jurong Island 9 [restricted]
SG Penjuru 6 [restricted]
SG Singapore 7 [restricted]
SK Kosice 9 [restricted]
SV San Salvador 11 [restricted]
TH Bangkok 6 [restricted]
TR Afyon 11 [restricted]
TR Ankara 10 [restricted]
TR Antalya 9 [restricted]
TR Ataşehir 7 [restricted]
TR Bayat 7 [restricted]
TR Bursa 8 [restricted]
TR Dortyol 11 [restricted]
TR Genel 11 [restricted]
TR Istanbul 10 [restricted]
TR Izmir 9 [restricted]
TR Malatya 8 [restricted]
TR Ümraniye 10 [restricted]
TW Kaohsiung 9 [restricted]
TW New Taipei 8 [restricted]
TW Sha Lung 10 [restricted]
TW Taichung 10 [restricted]
UA E Abu Dhabi 9 [restricted]
UA E Al Ain 9 [restricted]
UA E Dubai 7 [restricted]
UA E Sharjah 9 [restricted]
VE Barquisimeto 8 [restricted]
VE Caracas 8 [restricted]
VE Ciudad Guayana 7 [restricted]
VE Maracaibo 8 [restricted]
VE Maracay 7 [restricted]
VE Puerto Josuè 6 [restricted]
VE Puerto Miranda 11 [restricted]
VE San Cristóbal 8 [restricted]
VE Valencia 10 [restricted]
VN Hanoi 8 [restricted]
VN Ninh Thuận 8 [restricted]
ZA Cape Town 8 [restricted]
ZA Centurion 10 [restricted]
ZA Hartbeespoort 9 [restricted]
ZA Johannesburg 7 [restricted]
ZA Musina 7 [restricted]
ZA Pretoria 7 [restricted]
ZA Saldanha Bay 8 [restricted]
ZA Silverton 11 [restricted]

Update is reccomended if version is older than 7.A
Retrocompatibility is mantained by design.
License / key renewal is mandatory upon expiry.

Special agreements:

reached on a [restricted] Business to Business service exchange platform.

Location Type of service acquired Cost  
BRICS Market Research 1 License  
EMEA Market Research 1 License  
GCC Market Research 1 License  
NEXT11 Market Research 1 License  
Worldwide Business intelligence Survey 2 Licenses  
Worldwide Business Counter-intelligence Insights 2 Licenses  
Worldwide Participation in other Think-tanks 2 Licenses  
Worldwide Distributed Network management 2 Licenses  
Worldwide Packet Encryption and Distribution 3 Licenses  
Worldwide Algo documentation and I.P. Protection 3 Licenses  
Worldwide Other services [restricted] 3 Licenses  
[restricted] Third party A.I. Engine 4 Licenses  
  Total licenses in use for Admin Purposes 25 Licenses  


Distributed Network structure:

Autoscalp network is decentralized and truly resembles a fulltime fountain of fresh ideas.
Think-tank main task is to evaluate ideas coming from the the peer to peer network, either being them algos
or just views or just intuitions (alpha ideas). so that Research and development team stays focused on main issues.
Quoting our Founder Matteo Gandola: "the alpha idea is where know-how lives".

Keeping network topology dynamically adaptable to new ideas helps avoiding bottlenecks and ensures
a continuous stream of ideas taking steam from each autonomous spark.

Since Autoscalp is a proprietary self-sustaining venture, Algo R&D and Think-Tank are Proprietary,
while most routine activities have been outsourced to third parties in different locations.

Distributed Network outsourcing details:

[Accessible to Partners only]

HH & HRM and Recruiting outsourced to: [restricted]
Network management outsourced to: [restricted]
Royalty management outsourced to: [restricted]
I.P. management and I.P. insurance outsourced to: [restricted]
Marketing and P.R. outsourced to: [restricted]
Institutional P.R. and diplomatic relations outsourced to: [restricted]
Legal guidance and supervision outsourced to: [restricted]

Restricted means information disclosure was filtered by C.I.O.
This information is available to perspective partners only, under NDA and NCA agreements.

Starting from november 2013, R&D network members and topology are undisclosed to cope with Autoscalp tightened intellectual property protection protocol and subsequent information control restrictions.

Autoscalp p2p network is NOT accessible from this website.