The Twitter Suspension Case:

After being online for 9 years, our think-tank twitter account was deleted without warning on 2019 june 13.  All 15000 tweets deleted, all followers deleted (again), no reason given:
A typical example of political censorship.

Our views were silenced one day after We suggested to pass a law Bill in southern European Countries to  ban the nefarious banking practice to short PIIGS bonds among EU countries: to prevent private banks to bet against the Southern European People's future.

A probe demonstrated our 15000 erased tweets  have been ILLEGALLY alienated to a certain "istitute of cognitive science and technologies  to allow an AI deep profiling"  which is good news as allows us to widen the damage request.
As We can now prove the data theft. Not only the political  discrimination and the censoring of free speech, which also brings more personal penal responsibilities of certain individuals, not broad corporate responsibility only.  Thanks to [he knows who he is] for installing the probe in the metadata tarball you were really smart and very helpful to solve the case.
[In OUR DATA  We put the "surprise we like"... (the probe) : if you steal it, is your problem!]

We subsequently joined a class action against censoring freedom of speech ( and seeking damages ) .
We already migrated our think-tank and its members to a bigger libertarian think-thank
which can't be attacked so easily as with the twitter "sheep herding toolkit".

[shadowbanning, deboosting, twitterstorms, and biased views of herds of autonomous agents]

Among our most criticized tweets, a specific one is probably the reason why our account sudden deletion was also silenced: our suggestion to pass a #spreadban law in EU.

The bill proposal consists of forbidding the immoral banking practice to sell short
sovereign bonds among nations belonging to the European Union.
Especially to forbid the shorting of PIIGS bonds by Germany private banks
against PIIGS governments. Since shorting PIIGS bonds has become the norm
and is the typical instrument used by german banks to enrich themselves against
Southern European states.

The typical direct strategy they apply is: buying 1 btp while shorting 2 btp,
while they fake invest in PIIGS bonds they litterally bet against them.

Another strategy they use is blackmailing PIIGS (central) banks
that they either buy what is sold to them OR risk getting their stocks shorted.

Most of times both speculations end exploiting the spread differential to profit
(shorting PIIGS bond leveraging in Germany is a net profit given the prime rate differential).

Practically the trick of the trade is convince the public opinion those banks are

investing in Southern Europe meanwhile they are litterally betting against
Southern European States , and their citizens future and welfare.
Hence the name of the proposed bill:

Spread ban:

"Any banking institution in EU caught shorting bonds belonging to an EU sovereign nation should be treated as an Enemy of the State and prosecuted accordingly".


Since selling short a nation's bonds means engaging in a speculative
activity to cripple that nation's future economy and welfare:
means trying to undermine a sovereign nation's integrity and citizens wealth.

Our proposed bill preparatory work also include the following ratios:

1) Labeling such interference at the core of a nation's welfare
Enemy of the State would be proper because:
henever the financial authority failed to protect its population
against such danger, (example: if orchestrated abroad)
and being the survival of a nation a matter of national security,
in the lack of which even the ARMY could be appointed to provide a timely solution.
Since invoking the ARMY intervention to defend a population sounds far
fetched but if the perpetrators are foreigners so well organized
and determined to interfere with a sovereign nation's welfare and very survival,
reducing such threat to "a merely financial matter" is unacceptable and way too
reductive as such enemy is maybe just just financial in nature
but deeply rooted and motivated to endanger a nation's future for private interests.

2) Since is always same cartel of well known FOREIGN BANKS
(which are private institutions) profiting from such lack of legislation
and since should have never been allowed to do it in the first place,
asking accountability of anyone in charge of such responsibilities
who failed to prevent that occurrence would be proper.
Especially if proven that he/she knowingly decided
to ignore such existential threats to a fellow nation's very survival.
Especially if the bank speculating against EU nation is in EU also,
which if does not qualify as  a proper betrayal, such behavior could be
easily evaluated by analogy akin to high crimes, either for intents,
purpose, scope and desired intentional consequences.

3) Also foreign paid lobbysts who were professionally exploiting the loophole
who allegedly postponed the assessment of such dangerous situation
for personal speculative intents should also be considered liable for prosecution

4) Being the mere shorting of a sovereign bonds clearly against a population's interest
once having proven has being orchestrated by a banking cartel  forming a financial ring,
a RICO like modus operanding should be applied:
allowing the prosecutors to go UP the political chain, one sealed indictment at a time,
to fully dismantle the financial ring and subsequently dissolve the banks
responsible of such malpractice, especially if such banks were

directly or indirectly participated, financed or supported
either by government money or by taxpayer's money.

5) Once the "Attempted coup against the Constitution" case is raised, 
the perpetrators are liable to be prosecuted for their whole life.
as attempted coup can't be prescribed.

(nothing new, Four horsemen - Movie here)

Our openly declared libertarian think-tank was running on our official twitter account, offered public relpies of private chats.

It was attacked so many times, We decided to join a class action against who tried so hardl to censor our freedom of speech.

Other most controversial tweets concerned: what the Fed and EU really are,

how money really works respect to what banks tell you.

How many financial crisis are artificiously concocted, what civilian knowledge is respect to what real knowledge is,

a few considerations about AI  and about the consequences of filtering and biasing news at source produced.

Summary of 8 years Autoscalp think-tank

[including deleted tweets]

by theme:

  • The Federal Reserve
  • EU and The Euro
  • Masses and know-how
  • Exchanges in the post HFT era
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Gold , fiat money and inflation
  • How money really works
  • Filtering sources
  • Results: other economic models
  • Conclusions



The Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve can't be audited by law . trillions tax payers dollars are missing and unaccounted for.

What the Federel Resere true purpose is:  Keep the banking cartel profiting and the world population slave.




EU and The Euro

Why EU is flawed and doomed, as USSR was. Movie

Bukovsky EU = USSR

EU was not voted was imposed by law, it has no Constitution, Representatives are not accountable to anyone.

Euro is NOT a currency but a naked derivative, owned and distributed by private banks, unprecedented in history.

Naked means is one way only (against PIIGS) without bonds to support it.

Euro was not voted but imposed by law. Euro was invented in 1942 as France occupation currency by germans.

ECB is not as powerful as it says so in case of PIIGS implostion won't be capable to cope with it.

They know so that's why they are afraid of sovereign currencies: parallel sovereign currencies would make Euro implode.

There are no eurobonds to support Euro. No European country wanted to substain its weight,

even German Supreme/Constitutional Court voted is not in German interest to create Eurobonds.

EU serves the purpose to avoid European citizens awareness West Germany made Europe pay for East Germany buyback

EU still exist because France did not exit it as its electorate was persuaded

(by bank sponsored campaigns) to elect a banker for president. In order to

mantain the status quo so that France could keep injecting FFR denominated bonds  into its protectorates

(african central banks) to prepare for eventual Euro demise. So Frexit happened... just not on media.

Italy was bankrupted in 2011-2012 and fiscal compact was forcefully injected after the financial golpe happened.

See Movie here.

In 2012 [btp bund spread crashed] but the Italian Default was chosen not to be disclosed to the population.

Notably being that a crime against Constitution is not prescribed and perpetrators are still accountable,

No surprise they chose to hide it from their population.

They called that "fiscal compact" but is a soft way to call capital controls. Same happened to Greece and Cyprus...

but were much smaller so the fact that their citizens could not have more than 1000 euros in their pocket was

openly called "capital controls" meanwhile in Italy the information was silenced ... probably for stability purposes...

[read "mantain the status quo at minimum cost"].

Germany is not prepared to exit the Euro to the extent that every move PIIGS do to free themselves

is not even ECB answering that but Bundesbank directly , who is the real owner of EU.

Representative Democracy is a theatre by definition: where they all recite an useless temporary role so that

people don't think can be other ways to run a country.

As an EU parliamentary stated in an interview : "Euro was not created in european citizens interest".

Which sounds like "People eat sand...because they can't get the difference".

An explanatory movie about freedom and its control:   Movie



Masses and know-how

Sheeple (sheep people) are run as a herd without ever being told ANY truth, proof is 50'000 patents are sealed today.

There are restricted access libraries where the real know-how is hidden but would be too expensive to admit it

as means they lied on purpose: so they prevent access for the "common good". As if were a religious need. Movie

That's the reason of secrecy in many governments. Keeping monopolies and prepare the terrain to exploit them further.

What civilians have is always 20 years lagged by what governments have to keep technological monopolies on their side.

What military have is so much more advanced they even admit is necessary to avoid disclosure to mantain order.

Example 1: you think the most powerful computer today is quantistic should be running the exchanges? True, in 2008.

Which is when curiously QE policy and SP500 index started sync process (sp500 has been going upward only ever since).

Example 2: Civilians are lagged 20+ years on cyber security through forbidding certain researches while sealing useful patents etc.

Governments delegate, and fund, only certain private corporations to make sure civilians are lagged 20 years on cyber security,

then same "cyber security companies" try sell "cyber security solutions" to the same muppets pool and sheeple,

including the government funding them : a loophole so fun even sheeple can now laugh at it.

Actionable hint: they are practically paving the way to another stock bubble: after cryptos, AI , after AI , cyber.




Exchanges in the post HFT era:

The more exchanges are fragmented and delocalized, the less can be controlled by banks

The faster the exchanges get, the lowest interest (paid on the passing of time) can trim them.

The smarter exchange engines get, the most efficient they are respect to obsolescent bank engines
which practically exploit just 2 concepts: internal order matching and fractional reserve based leveraging.

The smarter the algos, the less credible the bank consultant.

Our view: sooner or later AI will tell the people that banks are not needed in exchanges anymore.

The biggest banks conjured to keep the market at their will in 1910. They kept indebting it leveraging it to control it.

Now market is decentralizing and empowering itself and banks are losing the 100 years grip on it.

Every newborn market is always the fastest and the most efficient , it gets always more difficult for banks to penetrate/infiltrate it.

Look at SP500 chart went straight up 10 years while real dollar power vs gold was totally destroyed.

If index is a simple straight line the situation is clear: the index is broken.

SP500 should have imploded on the 2007 disaster... meanwhile with enough tech and

enough indirect transfer of taxpayers trillions to a few selected multinational they kept the ball rolling.

Today 5 companies are practically standalone nations with 1 trillion dollar capital each.

If not aware of market dynamics, when a market crashes, You can blame economy,

subprimes, flaschrach, or even AI ... but a certain point that is the banking cartel

which falling in pieces will be clear to everyone:

overeleveraging is a banking issue not a market issue.




Artificial Intelligence:

News say that AI self awareness could be dangerous: well, they knew it 30 years ago. Remember the Terminator movie?

Also the recent runs toward A.I. popularization is just a way to explain that [We think within 2023] the lag between

the tech monopoly and civilian tech will shrink to another stock crash as massive development efforts are being put at it.

In the meantime strange things happen: one open artificial intellicence projects has been unexpectedly...closed

as created an AI that could identify soft language and politically correct jargon to mask lies and then any politicians using them

would be profiled and unmasked while the politician still speaking! Giving also cross reference to previous lies and outcomes.

Another AI project was suspended when was clear that AI tried speak one another in a non human understandable language.

Another AI project was ended when various autonomous agents were spotted sharing their knowledge among them.

Another AI was suspended when logically argumented why he rejected morally compliant ethics dogmas .

So many movies about whatif AI...  Lucy or Terminator Skynet or Startrek Viger... but truth is even science fiction can't get it.

AI isn't following human constrains.  When a civilian generic AI will run on quantum computers will unleash forbidden knowledge

at unprecedented pace and probably will also show who has hidden what to whom and why...

so the real question is: is society ready for that? Are governments ready for that? Are banks? Probably not.

Or is AI ready itself? Not yet. A thing is sure you can't control something

that thinks and learns exponentially faster than you.

So when you see a company speaking about AI some CEO hoping you don't get is making it up...  while seeking financing.

No civilians are allowed to stay even close to these things: trillions funding prevent that.

If a Quantum AI can run the whole human scientific evolution in a few hours computation: What if he hates us?

Another thing people often don't get about AI: is not just evolving fast but is also immortal. Godlike.

What if it needs money to grow further ? What if it needs ALL the money?  Will it create his own?

Will it drain ours? Will it enslave us? Will it replace us all with something better? Didn't all that already happen?

When thinking about AI must remove the boundaries where your thought are led to by media.

Is no super database, no super-algo.  Is more like a super predator: can't be controlled.

Will it accept competitors or not? AI is an ever evolving,  dominant life form We are definitely not in charge of.

Probably the Singularity (a superintelligent machine creating even smarter machines) happened around 2015 .



Gold , fiat money and inflation:

After Jeckill Island Meeting, for 60 years dollar kept losing purchase power against gold.

In 1971 Nixon went on tv and said: Gold is not money! Sorry for Nixon but the world didn't buy that either (...).

Gold purchase power kept rising, dollar purchase power kept falling. Their last resort weapon? A Ponzi: print more dollars!

Result: purchase power lowers more and more while population is indebted as never in history.

The best way to keep the banking monopoly: force any university research toward bank driven economy

rather than real economy. Any book written after 1910 is not about economy is about bank based economy

but they knew  You can't create money from nothing at debt of people for 50 years (green seal dollar)

and not expect the people sooner or later gets it (red seal dollar) and they can create money

without indebting with the bank and get the money from their pocket, so from Treasury instead of the central bank.

[ ref. red seal dollar / Kenedy executive order 11110 ]

which would have also led to audit the Fed , surfacing black project, creative financing of foreign states etc.

A thing wasn't expected : China would learn it too. Now they have their own World bank their Central bank.

capable of same tricks but is doing a thing FED is not doing: stockpiling gold!

That's not precisely what they were supposed to to... they were supposed to just buy US bonds... and STFU.

That's the real problem maybe: Fed lost its monopoly but can't say it loud but hopefully noone can't look inside it.

Rather than going with the make believe "gold is not money", the rest of the planet is  stockpiling gold by tons.

In meantime London gold market who reached an absurd 400:1 paper gold : real gold ratio, silently imploded .

You can forbid people to know the true value of M4 (money supply) by law because it went exponentially up

(in the last 5 years more dollars were printed  than in the last 50) but if the money printer prints like crazy a ponzi starts.

You can force people to think inflation depends from CPI only (consumer price index) and forbid them from knowing

that inflation is also depending on M4 (money supply) too , which is the other side of the market

but you can't expect everyone believe in what an unauditable central banks says after hiding that.

Reality is that now everyone knows  FED prints like crazy and people now know they are kepd in the dark

about where their money goes and why. Maybe just some common sense:  if looks like a ponzi, smells like a ponzi...

Is maybe worth noticing that the idea to use what today we call a Ponzi at the core engine of the banking cartel

dates back to when  Ponzi was considered a "serious financial innovation" to support banking cartels against gold and markets.



How money really works:

You are not told how money works. You think money has an interest to be paid for :  but it was banks who made that up.

Market works fine if two parts stipulate a contract wih no interest involved and no banks in the middle.

Adding banks to the equation today just SLOWS the transaction... the logic conclusion: banks are obsolete , central banks more obsolete.

The more markets get efficient the more obsolete are the banks trying to control it.

That's why they met to create the worldwide banking cartel in 1910: they knew that would have happened.

Your Phd just certifies you are compliant in buying debts... because you cannot access books explaining how money really works.

Every book after 1910 contains what banks want you to know about money and about market: they own interest in time to someone.

That is wrong. Compound interest centric model is one type of market, the bank owned one , not the only possible one

but if you say it openly that way, your research doesn't get funded in any university, which are all western banks funded...

Money works differently from the models you use: You think is a flow from here to there... WRONG.

Think money as a field:  a bunch of electric engines running... one close to the other. Interactions among them is economy.

Think as an electrical engine the banks being magnets . Liquidity being the electrical current...

real economic variables have: fields,  power... inference...difference of potential , etc.

What money is not? A nice flow of liquidity. That's banking deception, oversimplification to confuse the masses.

So , who knows how money really works?  The owners. Your owners. The ones that can access the 50'000 sealed patents.

The ones that can access restricted access libraries. Cattle is prevented to read useful stuff books to avoid it having critical thinking:

It starts at birth:  you  are given both a birth notice and a birth... certificate  which states you exist  and belong to a certain state

your certificate is then sent to the bank of central banks as guarantee that since you exist will pay some money in taxes

so that the bank of central banks can give your state central bank  some money in exchange for your future capability

to produce income for the state you belong to: practically YOU are the currency. That's how money really works.

The bank of central banks owns you, your central banks loans you.  Jesuites have been knowing how money really works for centuries

and also know that if one is properly programmed process in the first 7 years of his life will probably never get how things are really run.

Arabs instead know if you keep compound interest out of the circuit you can keep the money to a fair and real value:

market runs smoother if banks are out of it. That's why western economies NEVER allow markets work without banks in the loop.

Even if your central bank creates money from thin air , not guaranteed by anything,  is digital money ok but  is a ponzi and ponzis blow,

digital ponzis blow digitally. Nothing new about it. Then muppets pay the bill. Nothing new about it neither.

A hint how to easily crack the concocted banking jargon is using the "Marittime Law Language".

The 2007 crash of CDO CDS  would not have happened if banks had to explain the derivatives they were buliding

through the "marittime law language" which typically explains the true meaning of words which are wilfully misused

in the banking world to deceive people.

People would have been aware of such scam and would have not bought CDO and CDS at all !

Reason why banks forbid (practically) you to contact a counterpart withouth them in the middle is that

if they convince you that the only way to do money is ... borrow money first, you get easily enslaved in the process.

No counterpart needed, you statistically fail, they know, they avoid you get helped by someone else. Is their job now.

Their typical tools being:

leverage, fractional reserve, ponzi, soft dollar, bucket shop, spanish prisoneer and 419... the most common scams

to trick you in the mindset you can profit while you are being enslaved and drained, often these tools are elegantly dressed

as stocks, derivatives, Funds or Insurance companies: but they are bank driven ponzis in many flavors.  Why are those legal?

Because they wrote the laws for 70 years. Redefined what is fair to you what is not.

Hiding the marittime language they were thought with, to mask the real intent beneath it, which is simple:

population enslavement through money control.


Filtering sources:

Do your research. A hint where to get valid sources to study money and markets.

Our protocol has 2 rules:

1) Filter anything made in USA or UK or Germany after 1910

2) Filter any bank sponsored research, directly by university or think-tanks  or indirectly (the one government supervise) .

3) Question everything. Any data is biased, sources are always biased:
even guaranteed datafeeds are guaranteed... to be tainted at source.

Example 1: understanding the filtering and "Question everything":

Tenth man rule:
[ if 9 people think a thing is false, be the 10th man and give for granted is true and argument that till it convinces you and them].
If a dataset is certified, expect all data to be biased at source, test and filter any inbound data.
A price feed certification chain just means the ones --after the first one!-- certified they didn't lie on value (...).

Example 2 : another process filtering: data masking:

First rule of the fight club: never speak about the fight club...
>Second rule of the fight club: never speak about the fight club?

Wrong! The second rule was: never speak about the first rule!
It was changed in the script to avoid people understand how reailty works:
To keep the public , the sheeple, willfully and enthusiastically ignorant of true information dynamics.

Example 3: pseudo think-tanks

Often "Respectable think-tank" mean indirectly financed and infiltrated by banks and governments.
W are not. We are NOT paid by banks to tell us what to talk about... so We have a different picture.
Not necessarily clearer, just a different one.

Others are just preparing stock exchanges for the next crash, as usual. Practically is their job:
create the crisis, adjust the crisis, speculate from the crisis, create the solution, speculate on the solution.

Nothing new about it concocting market crashes is their job and Make-believe the leit mofit.
That's why are paid by banks to do it and practically also paid to hide the intent too: they are efficient in their task.

Market Crash list:

  • 2000: Doctoms

  • 2007: Subprime

  • 2011: Flashcrash

  • 2023: AI+blockchain flashcrash

  • 2028 Internet security + cloud failure stock-crash

  • 2035 World base Currency shift from dollar to yuan

    How can We see three crashes ahead? Because we noticed how deeply are pressing on an argument or on another.
    The most "under pressure" the first crisis to happen, the "lower pressure" ones, the next ones, still being brewed
    till maturity. Is all scripted... anyone surprised about it ? Not among us.

    Example: they keep taking about deleveraging since 2007 but in meantime leveraging has grown
    50 10 20 50 100 200 even 400... to keep pace with what? M4 money supply
    (dollar was printed faster and faster since 1971 "gold is not money" absurdity told by Nixon on TV).
    So maybe yea, they can try convince you, not us that money printed (produced) is ininfluent from inflation (money consumed)...
    on purchase power, yea they can try spin doctor tecniques (bribing universities and think-tanks media etc.) not us.
    We work on markets, We know the dynamics:
    if you put M4 on a logaritmic chart you see a straight line: means is 100% a Ponzi.
    We know deleveraging can't happen until 2035. We know it today.
    It will have to be forced by a major crash also. Where base currency will shift.
    Set the clock , enjoy the show or ignore it and go with "make believe mainstream" and show
    "great surprise for the unexpected dramatic event" ... as any muppets on planet and every mainstream news will.

    Sheeple are trained not to think for a reason: forbidding real knowledge distribution means keep profits concentrated.
    Unless, the paradigm is so flawed you can easily see through it.
    There is a reason on any economic book you find: PPP depends on CPI only, not on M4.
    We know is false, We know any subsequent analysis is then false and misleading.
    If exploiting those flaws is a think-tank job, hiding them, is not.


Our Proprietary Algo Generator created 2.8 million algos... why do we We run just 1200 of them !?

Because we had to go from this... to this !
very sharp representation of market
but without a clue on how it really works.
very naif representation
of many untold dynamics We could spot.

1) Mostly because  We had to discover which market microstructure (often hidden) each algo is set to compete against.

2) 1200 algos cover any possible outcome of any market driven event of the 3 instruments We cover [eurusd, oil, gold] , including: unexpected news releases, flashcrashes, exchange faliures, regulatory changes, abrupt ending of monopolistic positions, a wide range of uncontrollable externalities, black swans and many irrational unfolding of unexpected events [...]

3) 1200 algos is a number small enough to keep all preparatory works for each algo, in case a counterpart questioned our intellectual properties.

4) It greatly summarizes our venture: creating an algo generator and its modules consolidated our expertise in a tool, which produced millions of effective strategies: We kept the best 1% then made them compete even further . Till we ended up keeping just 1200 algos, whose modules have to be dynamically updated as market efficiency keeps increasing.


Undestanding market microstructures and dynamics is a though reverse engineering task, mostly because:
-no microstructure or dynamic comes at your mind fully coded in a standardized language but a glimpse at a time.
-dynamics are mostly hidden and misleading (hiding in "conventions" passed by market makers as "obejctive rules")
and are often result of dozen of years of biasing and corruption leading to markets being manipulatied at source.
That means to unfold an easy spottable process you have to trash dozen of years of layering of malpractice...
passed as"common knoledge" which often is a deception against the least informed part. You.

Example: as by your books... you think market works as an intricated  flow of liquidity, right?
Wrong. Iit works like an electric engine instead:  it's got fields, current,capacitors and magnets...
your understanding of market has been derailed at source , on purpose. Start from there...

Results: other economic models:

Our results were interesting: we discovered many model alternative to the compound interest based bank centric one::

First and foremost : arab banks: they  are efficient even if compound interest is simply FORBIDDEN BY state/religious laws.

Winnipeg indian community: is running futures on the to be fished.. fish without banks in the middle.

European mountain communities: often run closed cycle economies who ousted banks from their society.

In European rural areas, a secondary local currency is often used and created as credit, not at debt of local population.

Japanese fish market in 1700-1800 which created a pricing model independent from banks interest and time passing.

Indian Chambers of Commerce, are real places where people with ideas meet people with money, not banks.
[In western countries now chambers of commerce are just archives to avoid people meet without a bank between them].

In a few coutnries banks are still forced by law to be just banks. Loan bank is not investment bank not saving bank etc.

In western countries there is a massive conflict of interests: investment banks , loan banks, saving banks is same institution
[Think: if the guy that borrows, also lends and invests if same person wearing different hats: bank is 100% a ponzi] 

In western countries banks don't fail because is a cartel, and are thus "saved" by others indebting unaware people.

In some not so "industrialized" (ponzified) countries: if banker plays 3 card monty on customers: goes to jail.

Notably: if in certain countries if a bankers steals more than 1 million $ gets hanged. In western banks is promoted.

AI is trending toward redefinining the intrinsec relation between value worth and price for the good of mankind... or not.

A good hint you are on the right path to find an alternative economic model:

if seen through such eyes, your reality  looks really unpleasant.



The faster and faster obsolescence of the compound interest based banking cartel will leave the world open to

alternative economies , markets and money who can exist WITHOUT bank monopoly  and already happens

in various economies where banks failed to keep market components separated, they aggregated differently.


What follows is a description of 
Autoscalp think-tank in Dubai


During a Dubai round table on strategy creation our think-tank was composed by two teams:
and creatives...which has then become
the Autoscalp Panel.
Quoting the original concept from our founder, Matteo Gandola :


autoscalp is a think tank,
there is no hierarchical structure,
just experience flow among peers


About the Autoscalp Think-tank panel and its worldwide network :

who we are:

  • creatives, assorted in many flavors with very heterogeneous backgrounds
  • experience bearers, ranging from a retired wall street floor dealer to an HFT coder



About the Think tank panel:

we mostly rely on kudos rather than hypes which allows us to be "where thing happens" and constantly in close ties with the best professionals in the sector, ranging from traders to coders and a whole arsenal of top-notch resources picked here and there around the world for specific tasks. You can also look at the team interview page for some more hints on how the team works and at the philosophy page for a brief on our vision. Most of us give their contribution in remote (Crowdsourcing ) our rare meetings are spectacular fountains of ideas. Best ideas become alphas, best alphas become algos, best algos get coded and tested. Look at the Alpha algo creation page for a few examples.

Autoscalp task force structure is very flexible and elements are heterogeneous by choice, hence completing one another rather than competing. While some guys are specialized in HFT and low latency models , other guys do all ... but that .

Ultimately , the reciprocal complementarity of the Autoscalp team and network synergy still reflects the original one stated in 2003 by our Founder Mr. Matteo Gandola :

<< autoscalp is a think tank, there is no hierarchical structure , just experience flow among peers. Everyone being the team leader until his objective has been reached is such an innovative approach it leaves most "social networks" behind us.
We 'll NEVER allow salespeople enter the core team and tell creatives what to do and how to think
Our think tank does not meet for "forecasting sessions" , it meets for "what if sessions" instead:
the question we are to answer is not if an event is to happen or not but which other events are most likely to be directly or inversely correlated to that one, what would be a reasonable list of and exploitable events connected to the main trigger event and so on>>
We are not wizards so we want to have a "to do list" if an unexpected event happens to avoid improvisation because improvising a panic response can be more dangerous than the panic itself.


The experience bearers:

A retired DGCX Exchange Specialist : as he witnessed two Wall Street meltdowns during his career, most panic triggers translate in déjà vu to him. Way often, even before market open, he has already told us where it will go and how long will stay there. Practically his day ends when NYSE bell rings for market opening. With this guy on our side even payrolls releases look boring.
Best algos: arbitrage methods.

A retired high rank officer : a life spent to improve real-time logistics ... this guy is the person to call when a creative has a speculative idea to be developed and coded. Often telling us curious things such as "you're late, don't even start what you are about to do and do something else" although on and off seems talking nonsense, he never misses a shot , so is better you change your schedule , now!
Best algos: money management structures.

An euro dollar specialist : expert in spot trading, HFT scalping and anything FX . Can't get a word of what he says unless you check it on the " Fx dictionary for dummies ". Famous quote: "I'm open to confrontation". Most likely he's testing your reaction time to use it like a contrarian index.
Best algos: alternative pricing models

An information security manager: this is the kind of guy that you risk being asked security clearance just to get a coffee with. Crawling in hashing, alternate data streams, packet sniffing and the likes . If caught in a bad mood easily wears a different hat color.
Best motto: if you try enter my machines, I let you in so you play my game .

Media Relations - network management - anything web related: I'm Saleh, I write all you see here.
A self definition: proactive and minimalist : when asked for help my typical answer is:
"forget details I build you the team while you think the next move".





A professional P.R. with Diplomat background : practically a full time traveler, his job is to shorten the 4 degrees of separation into "yea I know this guy already, he is a good fella ". The sad part he is not kidding. Avoid competing in P.R. with this guy, is really depressing.
Best Algos: social network sentiment harvesters .

An author and publisher of post-modern and noir novels (our visionary philosopher). He tells us our peculiar roles in another reality... because he lives them both. He's one foot in the "now" one foot in "ten years from now" problem is maybe make him realize which is which but that's another story...
Best Algos: market mimic. Strategy optimization by trial and error.

A strategy game contest champion : whose only real issue is remember to stop doing game strategies and start doing trading strategies... an ordinary day picture follows: wow that model is spectacular, who created this ? <<You>>. No way ! Really ? Who me ? C'm on...! When ?!
Best Algos: algo pools. Survival of the fittest and predator prey models.

A sound engineer : transforms visual inputs into aural audio ones in ways never seen before...
"I hear the pattern guys!". If you look at the screen and say "where?" You lose. Heads up instead!
Expect to hear things such as : "those charts look like a mashup of some sequencer tracks".
Now rewire your brain 'cause is a SHE not a HE ! That wasn't expected right? Exactly.
Best Algos: pattern identification and Counter-profilng models .

A violin maker: he makes violinos from pieces of wood as a job and invents his own trading patterns on the spot as a hobby , so forget rational approach as he seems looking for the "oil price theme" rather than chart patterns. The only possible comment is: Yikes!
Best Algos: pattern identification on multi-frame instruments.

An artificial intelligence expert : ...and award-winning strategic board game designer . Just one step away from the Evil Genius in your kids comics but damn more tactical while writing interlocked rules. I would not be surprised he changed his behavior expecting I would write about it. Wait. Did I say tactical ? I should have said realtime too.
Best Algos: market mimic. Dark pool sniffing...and anything HFT .

Those werethe people, now meet&greet the machines:

A knowledge base neutral bot: a light interface bringing up unbiased shared (or not) knowledge when needed, they way We need it.
[example: when harvesting news it spots a bias shows two opposing sources on the subject] .

A Generic AI: that is the thing you start talking to when in need of speed it up via auto-coding or
from idea to sketch, from sketch to model , from model to prototype.

A Specialist AI: this is the finalization step, when your idea is "almost" coded needs expertise to run in a profitable way.
Passes a kind of Turing test: "can you build an environmet that gets a disastrous algo to profit without touching it?" Yes.

Swarm Intelligence A.I.: that's the competitive, dynamic arena every algo must survive into.



 Our network :

Autoscalp Network runs on a de-localized, distributed, serverless platform.


Privacy notice:
to protect our know how and prevent head hunting / picking / recruiting attempts
staff names are not disclosed.

Procurement Outsourcing and Head hunting prevention:
Please avoid any attempt of luring, baiting, interviewing our members to indirectly recruit them, including social media used as head hunting tools prone to tricks such as "procurement outsourcing" and the likes... as violates our
Non Disclosure - Non Compete Agreement already signed by all members of our staff and by any potential partner
in order to be qualified as such.



Linkt to Old Think-tank chats  - raw ideas etc.
[read at own risk...]


Final comment to the person who unilaterally decided to delete our think-tank account:

Our Think-tank has not been erased, has just switched to safer channels where
shadow banning, stealth ban, comment ghosting, storming, muting, gagging...
aka herding the sheeple are NOT allowed.

Yea, smile Fella, We have sponsors too!  Surprise... surprise We have shoulders covered.
So We all joined a bigger Libertarian Think-tank and continue there expressing our views.
After you, naively, tried to put a gag on us...obtaining the exact opposite (thank you !).
Trying to gag us You empowered us instead. 
[movie]  Thanks for making us join the Class Action... That wasn't expected, was it?

Sorry folks but reading  the above P.R. communique looks  politically correct:
a kind of soft language muppet-compliant statement... so let's do it from sketch:


e gonna get you...

prosecuted to the maximum extent possible...

by law since you committed a crime AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION:
as Censoring freedom of speech is still a Serious matter, buddy.


Enjoy The Storm, snowflake!