Autoscalp owns 1200 Proprietary Algos for: eurodollar, oil and gold.
Autoscalp does NOT manage third party assets.










2.8 million
algos DB


1200 Algo



  Third Party








  • Autoscalp operates on a need to know basis
  • Autoscalp doesn't access third party platforms, won't ask any login credentials
  • A proprietary algo feed is anonymously routed, one way only, to our network
  • Before submitting any partnership requests: read the partnership page.

Production: our proprietary algo generator engine approximately manufactured 2.8 million different strategies and configurations, for a total of 33TB of coded algos. The top 1200 algos are being actively researched, dynamically optimized and updated when needed.

Autoscalp intellectual properties:

Autoscalp owns an algo generator, a pricing engine and a dedicated algo monitoring environment, many proprietary algos, strategies, a market micro-structure based pricing model, a proprietary data filtering process, a data stream filtering process analysis and a dedicated environment.

Autoscalp deposited a proprietary price feed and a proprietary pricing model.

A Patent Pending
has already been filled [but rejected as "object can not be patented"] on two core modules.

Many algo generating processes have also been deposited as Copyrights through an Intellectual Property Firm.

ACDL is our Algo Cluster Deployment Language is an interpreter developed to improve human interaction with algos to promptly allow realtime reconfiguration in fast markets situations.

A Trade Secret has been requested for some core modules through an I.P. Law firm.

Our alpha seeking strategies: language independent, platform independent, broker independent are extremely proactive respect to market dynamics.

Our Artificial Intelligence module, based is the results of an international cooperation and is consisting of our proprietary algos and an undisclosed third party A.I. deep learning environment.

Our Think-tank scenarios, what-ifs and event analysis are independent from governments or banks stand points.

Our tools are designed for: Dark Pools, Government Plunge Protection Teams, Sovereign Funds, Commercial Banks, Electric Power Producion & Distribution Companies, Treasury Engines, Liquitidy Engines, Clearing Houses, Oil & Gas producing companies, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Wealth Management Companies, Asset Management Companies, Family Offices. Specifically avoiding retail sector by design.

Partnership is open for Institutionals only. Autoscalp is not looking for customers, see partnership page.

Prospective Partners:

Reciprocal signing of Non Disclosure Agreement and Non Compete Agreement contracts are mandatory ahead of exploring any eventual Partnership Proposals.
A Business Associate Agreement will also be required at the very beginning of any eventual negotiation. We also protected our intellectual properties through a technology insurance method: Autoscalp has asked multiple sources to create independent value estimates of our know-how, expertise, price engine, algo pool and algo generating processes then insured them for their nominal value against intellectual property theft attempts. Such evaluations are basis for setting our stock-options pricing which are to be issued during a later step in the start-up phase.


Institutionals only can apply for Algo Demonstrations.

Steps for booking a Live Algo Demonstration:

We require any prospective partner to sign both NDA and NCA which include penals in case of disclosure.
Algo viewing is limited to the feed output as is compartimentalized at source.
Our proprietary algos are under continuous R&D and testing, so your Company will just be granted
a temporary access to view some of our algo feeds. Before inquiring see the Partnership page
which contains all guidelines about it, including requirements to qualify as prospective partners.




D I S C L A I M E R:

This is NOT a brokerage firm. We are not giving financial advice.
This is not a brokerage firm website. Information contained on this website is for informational purposes only.
This website is developer's website of Autoscalp algos and applications.
On this website you can only find some improvements and feedbacks of Autoscalp know-how, software and ideas.

If you are interested in investing money, you are warned NOT TO use this website for any advice.
Instead ask for a professional advice and please read this page on National Futures Association: link .
Trading off-exchange foreign exchange on margin carries
a high level of risk and is not suitable for all investors. Trading through on-line platforms carries additional risks.
Please refer to a more detailed NFA's FOREX INVESTOR ALERT: link .
Please take additional time to review the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC): link consumer trading fraud advisory.
Autoscalp is not available for : U.S. managed companies, U.S. Residents, U.S. Citizens, U.S. based companies or for PIIGS based companies.



Intellectual Property Protection

Disambiguation, Brand Reputation


  Autoscalp is committed to apply pro-active intellectual property defense techniques.

Autoscalp contractually forbids its partners through an N.D.A. (Non Disclosure Agreement) from any disclosure, dissemination divulgation or publication of its proprietary know-how and is fully committed to actively prosecute potential or ongoing contract breaches.

Autoscalp contractually forbids its partners from engaging in the following activities: promoting /white-labeling / rebranding / redistributing / reselling Autoscalp proprietary know-how including but not limited to proprietary algos and expertise
through a specific N.C.A. (Not Compete Agreement).
In order to allow a better understanding of the intelectual Property Warnings,
each  methods is provided with specific examples.


D I S A M B I G U A T I O N:

(Website univocity, identity, similar sites, lookalike names, Brand Name permutations)

  Website univocity:
(impersonation, spoofing, redirection) is the only Autoscalp official site.
No other sites or domains are linked or affiliated to Autoscalp.

any wabsite providing
"autoscalp algo services" is NOT connected or affiliated to Autoscalp.
  Unique Identity:
Autoscalp has specifically no connections, direct or indirect affiliation of any sort to the following third party owned similar sounding websites, lookalike names or Brand permutations.

"" is NOT connected or affiliated to Autoscalp.
  Similar sites: Examples: , autoscalp.*.ru , , ,  autoscalp*.com , autoscalpcom.* , , , ...
  Lookalike names: 
Auto scalper software, Auto Scalp Bot Software, Auto scalp futures, Auto scalp trading systems, Auto scalping software, Auto-scalp managed account, Auto-scalp robot advisory, Auto-scalp robot Fund,
Autoscalp 4funds, Autoscalp 4gold, Autoscalp 4U, Autoscalp 4xxyy, Autoscalp betfair, Autoscalp binary, Autoscalp Direct, Autoscalp Distributor, AutoScalp EA, AutoScalp EA Master Account, AutoScalp EA Mirror, AutoScalp EA Trade Copier Service, Autoscalp Freelancer,
Autoscalp FX Robot, Autoscalp HFTHub,Autoscalp HFTPort, Autoscalp myfxbook, Autoscalp myfxchoice,
Autoscalp Ninja, Autoscalp OpenCode,
AutoScalp PAMM, Autoscalp Robot FX, Autoscalp SA, Autoscalp Sniffer, Autoscalp trading v 3.0, AutoSCALP tradingforex 3, Autoscalp_MQL4, Autoscalp_MQL5, AutoScalp_V_Trader,
Autoscalp-Flash-tech, Autoscalp-Flash-trade, Autoscalp-HybridSystem...
  Brand Name permutations: 
Auto Algo, Auto Chart, Auto Profit,
Auto Trader, Auto Wealth, Auto Scalping,
Self Scalping, Self Trading, Self Algo...


B R A N D   R E P U T A T I O N:

(marketing hooks, forged algos, social engineering, deceptions, fake news, social media)


Marketing hooks:
(bait and switch and click-baits)


Autoscalp Algos are:

  • not designed for retail sector

  • not downloadable installable scripts

  • not accessible on public grids/platforms

  • not installable on clientside machines

  • not broker specific

  • not bank specific

  • not exchange specific

Example :
Any company offering Autoscalp algos as
an "easy download" is wilfully misleading you as Autosclap Algos are not just "scripts" and thus cannot be downloaded.


Forged Algos:
(adversarial attacks, reverse engineering)

  • Intellectual Property Attacks or Machine Learning attacks against our Algos.
  • Reverse engineering : ( black box, grey box, white box,)
  • reverse engineering by inference: ( rebuilding model by its reports)

by purpose: Espionage, Sabotage, Fraud,

by technique: Evasion, Data Poisoning, Trojaning, Backdooring, Remote Reprogramming.

by feed manipuation: data injection, corruption, modification, redirection, lagging, skewing.

A third party providing a similar feed, resembling Autoscalp Algos Output, without same technology beneath it.

He could have maliciously engineered the datafeed structure to be redirected to an unknown datasource at specific times, in order to inject artificious quotes at the provider's will, who is often a market maker covertly paying him illegal commissions for such service.


Social Engineering:
(false flags, man in the middle)


Is NOT originating from Autoscalp :

  • Any social media casted communication.

  • Any document lacking Autoscalp digital signature or password encryption.

  • Any unsecure communication broadcasted outside Autoscalp encrypted channel.

  • Any agent who can't show specific powers and mandate.

  • Any partner speaking outside NDA and NCA bounds and limitations.

  • Any license reseller acting without specific mandate.

  • Any algo expert acting without specific mandate.

Example :
Anyone self-introducing as "Autoscalp Partner" is wilfully misleading you since he would be contractually forbidden to admit it to anyone (NDA and NCA penals)

(marketing hooks, red herrings, social engineering, clickbaits)
  Autoscalp is not affiliated with or otherwise connectd to:

  • Any "social trading platform providing Autoscalp algos" (boiler room scam)
    Ratio: Social trading platforms
    cannot be Autoscalp licensees as by NDA and NCA limitations.

  • Any "Retail brokerage company powered by Autoscalp Technology (ponzi scam)
    Ratio: Retail brokerage companies
    cannot be Autoscalp licensees as by NDA and NCA limitations.

  • Any "Strategy Grid Platform offering Autoscalp algos" (bucket shop scam)
    Ratio: Companies offering Algo publishing services
    cannot be Autoscalp licensees as by NDA and NCA limitations.

  • Any "Broker running Autoscalp algos as trade copy service" (soft dollar scam)
    Ratio: Companies offering trade copy or mirror trading services
    cannot be Autoscalp licensees as by NDA and NCA limitations.

  • Any "Lawyer proving escrows to use Autoscalp Algos"(custodian scam)
    Ratio: Law Firms providing escrow services
    cannot be Autoscalp licensees as by NDA and NCA limitations.

Example :
Any broker asserting to be "providing Autoscalp Algos on his Trading Platform" is wilfully misleading you since he would be contractually forbidden to do it. (NDA and NCA penals).

there is a huge conflict of interest between providing brokerage execution services and algorithms to the counterpart, such malpractice is easily profiled by watchdogs as a criminal intent (oblique) and is typically relying on hidden I.B. contracts which once disclosed, expose the hidden scam.

  Fake news:
(biased rumors, defamatory intents)
  Have to be considered NOT originating from Autoscalp:

  • News concerning buyout by any third party

  • News concerning incorporation in a bigger company

  • News concerning spin-offs of Autoscalp units

Any media posting fake news such as "Autoscalp was sold to a Fund" is wilfully misleading you since Autoscalp is not even considering any alienation of its intellectual properties or units toward whatsoever counterpart for whichever reason.


Autoscalp R&D Unit social media policy:
(industrial espionage, procurement outsourcing infiltrations, sock puppets)


Autoscalp R&D Unit allows no disclosure.
As a precise I.P. policy and for a tighter information control,
has NO accounts on two-way communicating social media.

Especially Autoscalp R&D Unit has no accounts on any social media
allowing either one to one contacts or two way communications
such as: facebook, linkedin, instagram, telegram.

anyone talking about being an Autoscalp expert on a social media is wilfully misleading you since he would be contractually forbidden to admit it to anyone (NDA and NCA penals)

 Autoscalp expressly prohibits data harvesting and data mining from its site as by the "no robots" server policy configuration.